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Seasons greetings, hat fans!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Christmas is coming and I’m brimming with excitement! I was on the phone to my old friend Santa the other day, he was wondering if he should try a new hat this year.  I suggested a red top hat with a white brim might look dapper. “Not nearly warm enough around… Read More »Seasons greetings, hat fans!

Hello from Princess Chloe

Dear Bloggers My name is Princess Chloe and my fairy is called Twinkle. You may know us from Princess Chloe and the Sugar Bun Fairies or even from the front of Hollow magazine. Well we’re all at Stardust, our local cafe, at the moment.  It is great here, they do lots of smoothies full of fruit.  My favourite is the strawberry whirl one, as it is pink and tastes lovely!… Read More »Hello from Princess Chloe

Hello from Class 3BR

Dear Bloggers My name is Teacher Bear and I teach Class 3BR at Just Right Primary School.  Our project for this term is to keep a blog and every week each child will have a chance to write a bit about themselves and tell everyone what they have learned this week.  The main theme of our project is manners. If you want to email any of my class feel free… Read More »Hello from Class 3BR

Welcome Sushi Fans!

Hello Sushi fans! My beautiful Sushi dog is soon to become a huge star with his very own book! Of course he has always been my star but now he can have a hhhuuuuuggggeeee fan club (of course I will always be his biggest fan!). I’ve been asked to keep this blog for Sushi and me. Hang on; I think Sushi wants to type something…. WQn ENWnfnewnNDQ B E ijiewnq3JKENWJ… Read More »Welcome Sushi Fans!

Hello from Koob Beach!

Dear Bloggers Not a lot going on at Koob beach – it’s winter now and the weather is awful (always remember to be careful when going to beach when it is wet and windy!). Harry and Netty are at school at the moment but hopefully they will be coming this afternoon to see me. I just can’t wait until the summer holidays (even though it’s only November!). Why don’t you write me an email… Read More »Hello from Koob Beach!


Dear Bloggers Ahoy there me hearties! Welcome aboard the good ship Maverick, where landlubbers can find us on the World Wide Waters. *Cough* *cough* Sorry I was forgetting that not all of us speak Pirate. My name is Peggie Sue and I am the star of Peggie Sue Can’t Find the Loo – now although I am not overly keen on the world knowing about the desperate state I was… Read More »Ahoy!

Thinking Hat On!

Dear Bloggers Hats are trouble, i’ve learnt that. Though everything is  hunky dory at the moment. I’ve even been asked to do a blog on this brand new website. Pretty exciting, don’t you think? Maybe they will let me do a feature on all the different collectable hats? …Or maybe not.  Though i may try to sneak in a few hats here and there. Tell me about your hat collections… Read More »Thinking Hat On!

Let’s Get this Party Started!!!

Dear Bloggers Marv ‘n’ Rick here! Just squeezin’ in a blog before our concert. We’re sitting in our car with our WIFI, chillin’ before the rockin’ begins. The Maverick gang has asked us (their most famous celebs!) to write a blog for their website. Of course at first we weren’t sure but then our PR guys at Midas told us that it would be a good idea – now you… Read More »Let’s Get this Party Started!!!

Princess Chloe Book Reading

In October 2009, Ellie, the author of “Princess Chloe and the Sugar Bun Fairies”, did a book reading at the Castle Street branch of Waterstones in Norwich with a life -size Princess Chloe in attendance! It was a great day and everyone loved their goody bags! We are look forward to many more events like this and hope to promotePrincess Chloe and all our other fun characters in bookshops nationwide.… Read More »Princess Chloe Book Reading

The Big Read

Shevon Burrows, author of Peggie Sue, Sushi my Sausage Dog, Clever Dick and Suzi’s Smarty Pants, took part in the Big Read in Southend Central Library. This was an event over the summer that was a fun and creative thing for children to take part in. It was a great chance for Shevon to read out her stories to an eager audience.