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Bobble Trouble…


I love the snowy weather, but I had to do an urgent repair job on my favourite winter hat this week…

Just like you, I awoke to find my street covered in a blanket of crisp white snow. I could hear excited voices from the park next door to my house – everyone was out, wrapped up warm, for a sledging session!
I had a rummage around in the shed and found my old sledge. I blew the cobwebs away and it looked as good as new. Putting on my favourite blue bobble hat, I raced up the hill to the park to join in the fun.

I teetered on the top of the hill and launched at speed down the snowy slope. I didn’t realise that the runner on my old sledge had become loose and I was soon heading straight for a thicket of fir trees!

My hat snagged on the low-hanging branches and the bobble tore right off. Luckily I always carry a needle and thread in case of emergencies.

The sledge is still a bit worse for wear but at least my bobble is back where it belongs!

Fred x