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Junior Fiction Submissions

Junior Fiction and Middle Grade submissions
are now CLOSED.


Submissions are currently closed, however if you would like to be ready for when they open again, please find our guidelines below:

  • Word counts between 6,000 – 18,000 words for junior fiction and between 18,000 – 55,000 for middle grade.
  • Aimed at the age groups of 7 – 10 years for junior fiction and 8 – 12 years for middle grade.
  • Each submission must include a cover letter, a synopsis and either the full manuscript or the first three chapters. Please include the ending for all synopses – which includes any spoilers! If submitting the first three chapters, please let us know whether the manuscript is finished or not.
  • All documents must be submitted either as PDFs or Word/Rich Text documents. We will not read submissions that are on external links/websites or on a dropbox.
  • You can still submit a synopsis and a sample chapter if your story is not yet finished, however we would ask that the synopsis is quite detailed.
  • Double line spacing, typed in a legible font, text running from one page to another (i.e. not one sentence/stanza per page). WRITING EVERYTHING IN CAPS IS NOT FRIENDLY!
  • File size no bigger than 5mb.
  • In the subject heading of your email please include your name and the title of the text.
  • Email submissions only.
  • N.b. Hurrah! We do accept unsolicited manuscripts.

  • If submitting multiple manuscripts, please put them all in the same email.
  • We are looking for something a little bit quirky – we are called Maverick! Sweet stories about fluffy kittens and lost puppies are just not our thing – sorry.
  • Something with series potential is a bonus.
  • A short cover letter with some information about yourself e.g. location, job and whether you are already published.
  • Your name on the email (you would be amazed how many people forget to put a name!).
  • It looks better if you send your own submission, unless it is being sent on your behalf by an agent.
  • N.b. At Maverick, we are looking for proactive authors, who want to go out and do events etc. It is also important for us that you write lots and really, really, really want to be an author.

     NB. This is a different email to the picture book submissions. Please make sure you are sending to the correct email. For information on picture book submissions, click here.

    Current Response Time:

    We aim to respond within a year.  Please allow a year before chasing a submission – if you have not heard from this after a year then please use the form below to contact us.

    We apologise for this long response time, but we are a small team and reading fiction manuscripts is time consuming. We respond to everything.

    Submission Queries    (Do not use this form for submissions)

    Please use the below form in enquire about submissions. Please only enquire if you have not heard from us after 6 months.

    Please do not use this form to find out whether your submission is suitable or to try and skip the submissions queue! Hopefully all of the above guidelines will help to make sure that your submission is suitable for Maverick.