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Snow on Koob!

It’s so cold at the moment, my engine was frozen, but managed to start. I had problems moving, my wheels were spinning so fast but was stuck in the snow. Poor old Scampi had to push me. The sea gulls found this hilarious and were jeering at him while he was shoving with all his strength. He wasn’t best pleased, but didn’t say anything to them as I reminded him of his New Year resolution to be nicer to those naughty sea gulls!

After all the hard work, I allowed Scampi to snuggle up near to my warm engine and sleep all day with a nice glass of warm milk that Netty and Harry had bought. The mittens and scarf I got him would keep him warm.

Only a few more months until it becomes warmer and I’ll have to think about getting Scampi a brand new pair of sun glasses and not forgetting some suntan lotion for his ears, so they don’t get burnt.

Enjoy the weather where you are

Sonny and Co