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The Heart Scarab

The Heart Scarab

Written by Saviour Pirotta & Illustrated by Jo Lindley

Format129 x 198 mm, 178 pages
Publication Date28/02/2022
Bic/CBMC CodeYFB/C3N79
ISBN 978-1-84886-814-4        RRP £6.99

Renni and Mahu are brothers, but they are complete opposites.

When Mahu hatches a plot to rob the tomb of a long-dead general in the Valley of the Kings, Renni is swept into the crime to help his family.

But taking the general’s heart scarab sets a much greater chain of events into motion, which are governed by dark and mysterious powers.

Will the brothers and their friend Balaal manage to return it before Anubis, the god of death, comes to collect their souls? Or will they, and the general, be cast into the Great Darkness forever?

The first book in a new series written by Saviour Pirotta.