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Mrs MacCready Was Ever So Greedy

“This is another superb rhyming picture book with excellent illustrations and a good moral point at the end! I loved the ending (won’t spoil it for you!) as I wasn’t expecting that to happen. Although I should have really guessed what would happen after all of her scoffing!   

This book would certainly suit all ages, both boys and girls. It is fun to both read and view as the illustrations compliment the story perfectly. The rhyme and style of the story will engage the older readers and the pictures will captivate the younger readers. A great little story for both young readers and newly fluent readers alike.”


The Fearsome Beastie

“I’m a big fan of picture books with all the colours and illustrations but I also like the good old fashioned ‘save the day’ stories too. The super granny at the end of the book is certainly my favourite part. Just when you think it’s all over someone jumps in and saves the day. Hurrah!  
This is a marvellous little story for the younger reader but will also be a pleasure for the more able readers too. The rhyming story is fun for children who are starting to read short stories, the pictures will captivate the children who enjoy to be read to, and the combination of story and illustrations will certainly entertain the older reader and adults alike. A real winner for all the family. ”
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