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Beastie and my Uncle Bob

When I was a lass (which was a very very long time ago) I had an uncle called Bob.  He was a clever chap with a love of turnips.  He tended his turnips and often won prizes with them.

Now one day, when Uncle Bob was off at the market, the Fearsome Beastie raided his turnip patch.  Now you are probably thinking…Why did the Fearsome Beastie go after the turnips?  Good question – maybe he was just up to mischief or maybe he fancied a bit of turnip with his child chilli.

But my Uncle Bob came home to find his patch ruined.  So what did he do?  Well he took up his shovel and set off following the trail of turnips until he reached the Beasties lair.

Then he started digging (he was good at digging) and he dug a huge hole.  Then he covered it with twigs and moss.  Then he called to the Beastie,

Fearsome Beastie I wanna  ‘ave a word with you.”  The Beastie came out and on seeing his main course just standing there he shot forward with his mouth gaping then…Splat!  He fell into the trap.

Uncle Bob didn’t tell me what he did with the Beastie but I have a feeling it may be where the Beastie stew recipe originally came from (my uncle’s version always contained turnips!).

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my Uncle Bob.

Gran x