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How to Make a Beastie Stew

Good afternoon readers – I’m little Pete’s gran…From the Fearsome Beastie story? You’ve probably heard of me, I’m pretty well known in these parts – particularly for my wood chopping skills. Anyway Pete asked if I would give you a little insight into how to make a beastie stew. So here it is….

– Chop your beastie into nice and small pieces (I find using an axe the most effective way).

– Add some veg (vegetables are good for you, honest!).  Then sprinkle some salt in.

– Put in a large cauldron and leave to boil on a low heat for the whole day. You may want to open a few windows as the smell can be overpowering.

– Then when you want to eat dish up with some yummy dumplings.

Easy peasy!

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