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Maverick on BookBrunch

Maverick featured on the BookBrunch website today after we launched our five new books in Covent Gardens yesterday.

Our Book Review – Fearsome Beastie!

With Illustrations by Gabrielle Antonini Good Old Gran! review by The Mole “…I can name but a few that I would call true classics – and can still (8-10 years later) recite some of them. This book deserves to become one of those classics. Don’t misunderstand though the pictures are beautiful and action provoking in their own way, but the poetry in this book is extremely ‘catchy’. It has a… Read More »Our Book Review – Fearsome Beastie!

BookDad Review for Fearsome Beastie

“The story begins like most other ‘monster in the dark looking for some yummy children to eat’ tales, but I just wasn’t expecting an axe-wielding grandmother to save the day. Seriously. My first thought upon reading it was, “WOW, this is crazy! But so cool!!” I suppose though this can be taken as a fine compliment, especially when followed by the fact that The Fearsome Beastie reminded me of such… Read More »BookDad Review for Fearsome Beastie

Beastie gets Reviewed by the Book Sniffer

The Fearsome Beastie by Giles Paley-Phillips has already started getting great reviews… One of our favourites is the Book Sniffer’s review.   Here is a  sneeky peek: “One often gets the feeling that young pups these days are ever so slightly mollycoddled in the scary story department, so thank goodness for the latest offering from cooler than ice Giles Paley-Phillips! …Thank goodness the nanny state has taken her eye off the… Read More »Beastie gets Reviewed by the Book Sniffer

Ask Granny – Nice Bear Naughty Bear

Nice Bear Naughty Bear is the perfect gift for grandparents to buy for their grandchildren…So what better place to promote it than at As we all know, Grannies know what’s best!

Kimara Nye at Downsend School

As part of Downsend School’s Book Week, Kimara Nye was invited to read ‘The Four Little Pigs’ to the children. Although the event was in January, we have just received the newspaper clippings and so wanted to share them…  

Listen with Maverick

Children’s book iPad apps are fantastic for interactivity but not everyone can afford an iPad –and that’s exactly why we’ve launched Listen With Maverick. In a return to classic, Jackanory-style storytelling, Listen With Maverick website lets children focuses on the words and pictures, allowing them to take in the details. All distractions are removed, as the background of your computer screen fades away. And, so that everyone can enjoy all… Read More »Listen with Maverick

Nice Bear Naughty Bear Wins Bronze Bizzie Baby Award

Nice Bear Naughty Bear has won a bronze award with three very nice reviews from Bizzie Baby review site. Here are a few quotes from the reviews:       “I loved the size, illustrations and quality of the book. The text is also clear to read so it’s simple for children to understand and follow.” – Stacey Hunter – Maisy & Lewis Ages 4 & 6 Years     “Chloe… Read More »Nice Bear Naughty Bear Wins Bronze Bizzie Baby Award