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BookDad Review for Fearsome Beastie

“The story begins like most other ‘monster in the dark looking for some yummy children to eat’ tales, but I just wasn’t expecting an axe-wielding grandmother to save the day. Seriously.

My first thought upon reading it was, “WOW, this is crazy! But so cool!!” I suppose though this can be taken as a fine compliment, especially when followed by the fact that The Fearsome Beastie reminded me of such writers as Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein and Tim Burton.

Fans of those authors will be overjoyed with this book. Phillips’ tale is brilliantly funny and his rhymes make for a fantastic read aloud. Antonini’s illustrations are amazing as well and are a perfect compliment for this wildly hilarious take on the classic fairy tale.”

Reviewed by Chris Singer