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the maverick shop

International Children’s Book Day

To promote reading and children’s books. Often, schools and libraries hold events in conjunction with International Children’s Book Day. You can see more about the event by clicking here. To see our children’s books, please click here and to see more about libraries and schools with Maverick please click here.

Welcome to our brand new shop. We have a special offer on all of the children’s jigsaws, buy the puzzle and get the book FREE! Terrific value at £7.99 and a great gift to put away for that special occasion! Ever Earth, Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter.. We have taken off a massive £10.00 on this fantastic toy It has to be first come first serve as we only have limited… Read More »

It’s a Puzzle ?

Well there is only two days to go before we open the  online  shop (Friday 30th!). And what’s exciting is that I am not even worried if it rains! But the question is what products are we going to choose for our  special offers on the opening day? It’s quite a challenge… Maybe even a conundrum! All to be revealed on  Friday from 10.00 am.  See you in the shop…… Read More »It’s a Puzzle ?

Children’s Greetings Cards

We officially open on The Maverick Shop on line this Friday 30th         Here are just a few of the great children’s cards we have on the shop. Enjoy.. great value already at only £1.35p  Blank for your own message. ENJOY!

The Beastie is spotted in Brighton

Last week I thought I was hot on his trail heading towards Ashford. But this Beastie is very very cunning and he slipped my net! After a week roaming the wilds of East Sussex I knew he would be  hungry. Just one child won’t fill this Beastie up!   So be warned…call me if you see him about please.   He can’t escape!

Books for Easter Gifts instead of Chocolate

Here is a good idea from the maverick shop for grandparents, instead of chocolate, a children’s picture book & card from the maverick shop.                 To see more children’s picture story books please click here. To see the range of children’s cards please click here.  

The Beastie in Primary Times

  News of the Fearsome Beastie Book Marathon on World Book Day is published in this months Primary Times for Sussex.