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Submissions closing


Happy 1st of December to you all! As the end of the year approaches we have realised that we should probably do something about the mountain of submissions that are patiently waiting to be read and responded to! So in order to catch up and keep our promise of responding to all of you eager writers in three months we are going to close our submissions on Monday 7th December… Read More »SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSING!

Our Submissions are now closed!

We have decided to close our submissions for a short while in order to catch up with the stories we have received. We are hoping that by the time we reopen we will be able to cut down the response time to a short 3 months! Last week we announced that the submissions will be closing and implored all children’s writers out there to get their acts together and submit… Read More »Our Submissions are now closed!

Submissions are closing!

Our submissions will be closed from Thursday 5th March for a few months to catch up with the outstanding amount of submissions we have received over the last year. If you are planning to submit, then now is the time to get your manuscript written, edited and submitted! Go to our submission page and find out how to send us your manuscript. Things to do before you submit: 1. Read… Read More »Submissions are closing!