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‘You know a book is good when – your child steals it, reads and re-reads it and then asks for the rest of the series!’ Rise of the Raptors reviewed by Space on the Bookshelf

Space on the Bookshelf just posted a fantastic review for Rise of the Raptors, the first in a four book series Dino Wars by Dan Metcalf and illustrated by Aaron Blecha:

You know a book is good when: as soon as it arrives, before you get to read it is disappears, stolen by a child to read. You know a book is REALLY GOOD when: every time you find said to book and put it aside to read and review it, it goes missing, stolen by the child to re-read and re-read again! This is exactly what happened with Dan Metcalf and Aaron Blecha’s new book Dino Wars, Ride of the Raptors. Hence the delay in posting of the review! No apologies though, I fully blame the author and illustrator of creating such a good book! 

So what makes it so good? Well Dino Wars, is a funny, exciting adventure with a fantastic concept at its heart. 

The book has twists and turns, action and humour for children and jokes specifically for adults like the fabulous nod to G R Martin’s Iron Throne being a particular highlight! 

Dan’s story is further enhanced by Aaron’s fun and energetic illustrations. Dino Wars is a great read for younger readers.’

Thanks, Sally!

Dino Wars Rise of the Raptors Cover LR RGB JPEG

Read the full review here

The book is out 28th April. Pre-order a copy here