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‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of orange squash!’ Quirky new pirate picture book hits the shelves this month!

Love pirates? And parrots?  If you think you’ve read every pirate picture book on the high seas and know every pirate who’s ever drawn a yo ho ho breath… well, we have some hidden treasure for you, matey!

The Pirate Who Lost His Name by master storyteller Lou Treleaven with brilliant illustrations by Genie Espinosa is a pirate story LIKE NO OTHER!

Meet some boastful pirates including our favourite Captain My-hook’s-bigger-than-your-hook, some bearded pirates, some romantic pirates, Captain Dreamboat whose best friend is his mirror and even Captain Anorak with his special One Thousand Favourite Pirate Postcards Scrapbook!

We guarantee this will become your top pirate spotting book!

Publishing 28 May. Pre-order your copy here