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World Book Night!

There’s lots happening in the publishing industry this week, what with World Book Day (yesterday) and World Book Night (tomorrow). Maverick believe that books are precious and powerful things so these events are a great way of sharing your favourite books.

On World Book Night a million books are being given away for free…So even more reason to get involved!

We would love to give away hundreds of our books but we simply can’t.  Nicola Morgan , an author, thinks that World Book Night should be about buying a book to give away – why not? A book is a fantastic gift for any age group.

To take another step further wouldn’t it be lovely if World Book Night was more child friendly?  World Book Day has been very successful at schools etc but isn’t really celebrated in the home.  So perhaps World Book Night should also be about bedtime/nighttime and parents taking the time out of their busy schedules to sit down and read to their children?

However you celebrate – I hope you have a good World Book Night!