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Wonderful feedback from a parent for our Early Readers!


We have just received a wonderful email about our Early Readers scheme from a parent encouraging her daughter to learn to read:


“ I have to say we’ve really struggled to find books for our little girl to read independently. Even well-known ones such as Biff, Chip and Kipper don’t seem to start at the real basic level and don’t offer the repetition of words throughout the book you need to learn. Yours are simple with lovely uncomplicated graphics to help children decipher a word they may be unfamiliar with. We found them at our library but they only had a handful…she had flown through 3 from Pink, 2 from Red and just finished Sheep On The Run from Yellow.”

We are delighted our scheme is so helpful to parents and teachers in teaching children to read!

Have a look at all of the books in the scheme here.

Look out for 5 new red band and 5 new pink band titles publishing in May and 5 new yellow band and 5 new blue band titles publishing in August!