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‘Well-told story, bold pictures and a series of clear messages’ Madge Eekal Reviews aMOOsed by The Moosic Makers!

Zoe at Madge Eekal Reviews recently enjoyed reading new picture book The MOOsic Makers by Heather Pindar with illustrations by  Barbara Bakos:

The story in The MOOsic Makers is more complex than many picture books and it is, therefore, most suitable for children at the top end of the picture book age range. The story is, however, clearly told and the concept – farm animals making money – is likely to have a strong appeal to children. 

The bold and colourful pictures are very stylised. (Indeed, out of context you might not recognise the main characters as cows.) However, they do have lots of appeal. I particularly liked all the extra details that the illustrator has added to the story including Farmer Joni’s ginger cat and the rabbits, mice and chicks that make regular appearances. The frog and insect driving bubble cars in the scene where Celery and Nutmeg try to hitch-hike home also made me smile.

In addition to a well-told story and bold pictures, The MOOsic Makers contains a series of clear messages. This includes an underlying theme of ‘no place like home’ and an emphasis on everyone working together and having the same opportunities. Through the appropriately named character of Georgie Smarm, there’s also a subtle warning to beware of people who may not be what they seem and who make unrealistic promises.’

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