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‘We really enjoyed both of these books’ The Ish Mother (with Eleanor and Ezra) sample our latest picture books!

The Ish Mother ably aided by young Eleanor and Ezra tested out our latest animal themed picture books:

Hamster Sitter Wanted Cover LR RGB

It’s a good story for reading together, talking about the jokes and pointing out the funny happenings that aren’t mentioned in the text. Noticing details that aren’t obvious in the text is something that Eleanor worked a lot on in Reception so this was a good continuation of that.’

Clumpety Bump Cover LR RGB JPEG

‘Eleanor liked this one from the start, perhaps because of the horse owner’s funny name! Ezra really liked the horse, and being able to try out his animal noises as I read. And I loved the moral of the story – that doing something for someone else is good because it makes them happy. It was a good conversation starter with Eleanor about why we should help others even if we don’t feel like it.
We really enjoyed both of these books, and I’m sure we’ll be revisiting them many times as Ezra’s love of animals develops!’

Thank you!

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Buy a copy of Hamster Sitter Wanted here and a copy of Clumpety Bump here