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Wahm Bahm Reviews

Wahm Bahm was recently listed as one of the top 10 kids’ book blogs and so we are really pleased that they were able to review two of our books:  Sparkle’s Song and the Fearsome Beastie.

Here are a few quotations from their review:

“I love the illustrations in Sparkle’s Song (and the girls were both quite taken by the glitter on the cover). The detail is gorgeous and you can almost feel the texture of the paint. The book is printed on very thick paper stock, which really does justice to the illustrations (and adds to the tactile effect. The detail does make it less attractive to LaLa (who is two and a half), but RoRo (five and a half) really liked the illustrations, too.”  Read more



“The appeal of The Fearsome Beastie is the combination of rhyming couplets (young children always seem to like rhymes) and the rather gruesome and exciting story. As with Sparkle’s Song, it does have a happy ending, though (I have to admit being a little concerned at first, though I have to remind myself that the girls will happily read some of our older Ladybird fairy tales, where the death count can really mount up).”  Read more