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‘Tremendously energetic’ The Letterpress Project is captivated by Froggy Day!

Karen at fab review site The Letterpress Project has just posted some wonderful words for new picture book Froggy Day by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos:

This picture book promises to be a jolly reading experience with the cover showing a happy looking frog kicking out one leg with another resting on his hip as he stands under his big yellow umbrella that spreads across and beyond the page edges. The silhouetted tall buildings in the background are perhaps a reference to the wonderful film ‘Singing in the Rain’? As I hummed the song to myself I immediately associated this frog with the easy- going nonchalance of that memorable character played by Gene Kelly.

The story begins with two children sitting at home with their pets watching the wide screen TV showing the weather woman who predicts ‘very froggy weather’. This causes mayhem as all the frogs from far and wide decide to make her forecast come true. The second double page spread shows many of them parachuting downwards onto the streets below holding their own umbrellas. There is scope for plenty of humorous language play as car windows get ‘frogged up’ and the drivers get ‘hopping mad’. I loved the way that the mischievous frogs invade the bus, ringing on the bell over and over again (as little ones love to do). The grown- ups look very cross but the same two children smile and wave at them.

This picture book uses sparse text that gallops across the pages, sometimes in a bold typeface and with a variety of fonts and directions for the reader to follow. The pace is made tremendously energetic by the lively illustrations by Barbara Bakos who draws us on and on across the pages following the various froggy antics. There is so much detail for young readers to focus on as the story unfolds and I am sure that they will be cheering them on as they cause havoc wherever they go.

Maverick Arts Publishing is a company that gives welcome attention to the overall aesthetic design of all their books as well as a compelling narrative. I strongly recommend this one which has the usual successful balance between text and illustrations produced in a generously large and brightly coloured format that is sure to be enjoyed by young readers and adults alike.’

Thank you so much! Read the full review here and buy a copy here