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Tracy Gunaratnam’s preposterous visit to Dulwich Books

A3Tracy Gunaratnam visited Dulwich Books last Saturday to read her first published picture book ‘Preposterous Rhinoceros.’ Tracy is one of Maverick’s newest authors and we are very excited about her book and expect it to become a favourite pick for bedtime in many households!

Tracy said about her first book event:

‘I had a lovely time at Dulwich Books, the staff were so helpful and  the children were great. The children were very knowledgeable about jungle animals  and happily  joined in with a, rather preposterous, jungle animal guessing game! After the story it was a joy to watch everyone take part in the Preposterous Rhinoceros colouring activity.’

We’d like to say thank you to everyone at Dulwich Books who have now hosted two of our authors and did a wonderful job on both days.

Make sure to get your own copy of Preposterous Rhinoceros either from your local bookshop or buy online here.