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Top-class reading for young adventurers! The Lancashire Post reviews Dan Metcalf’s third instalment of the Dino Wars series; The Gladiator Games

Pam at The Lancashire Evening Post has just written a RAWR-ing review of Dan Metcalf‘s third Dino Wars instalment, The Gladiator Games, illustrated by Aaron Blecha:

If exciting action adventures set in a dystopian future where dinosaurs live with humans is your idea of reading heaven, then dive into the fun with Dan Metcalf’s brilliant Dino Wars series.

These thrilling, edge-of-the seat stories, set in a far future in which our world is under threat from extinction, provide addictive adventures but also act as a timely warning about the importance of taking care of our planet, wherever the threats come from.

Aaron Blecha’s black and white illustrations add extra vitality to a story brimming with danger and thrills, while Metcalf uses an entertaining plot to drive home important messages about diversity, friendship and never giving up.

Top-class reading for young adventurers!

Thank You!
Read the full review here and buy a copy here!