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‘This imaginative picture book will be a big hit’ Pirates in Classroom 3 thrills The Letterpress Project

Karen at The Letterpress Project has posted a fantastic review for our new picture book Pirates in Classroom 3 by author of  one of last year’s top titles The New LiBEARian, Alison Donald, and illustrated by the talented Ben Whitehouse:

This story will make children laugh and perhaps reflect on whether their own teachers would react in a similar way to the unexpected classroom guest – lots of potential discussion here as well as plenty of opportunity for doing real treasure hunts and making links with other pirate stories.  The real star of ‘Pirates in Classroom 3’ is the teacher with her colourfully trendy clothes, blue hair and beaded necklace which is perhaps a reference to another strong fictional woman, Marge Simpson.  I like the way in which we get a hint of a burgeoning relationship between her and Captain Calamity at the very end when she invites him to ‘Call me Daphne’. This reminds me of the endings to films like ‘Shrek’ and ‘Toy Story’ and it is no surprise that the talented illustrator, Ben Whitehouse has a background in film animation. I predict that this imaginative picture book will be a big hit with children and adults alike.’

Pirates in Classroom 3 Cover LR RGB JPEG

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