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This Day I Love loves our Early Readers today!

We’ve had another review for our wonderful early readers which were released last Friday. This time from Leyla who writes for the blog This Day I love. She shared the early readers with her two daughters, her oldest is just starting her second year of school and her youngest is starting her first, so they are the perfect readers for our new venture!

Early Readers Collage Image

Leyla made the excellent point that children are discouraged from reading when the early readers made available to them aren’t very interesting. This was what Maverick aimed to address when we published our early readers. We wanted them to be effective educational tools, but still remain a great story that children love and will return to time and time again!

Here’s what Leyla had to say:

Maverick books have launched their Early readers which have been carefully adapted from the original picture books by the author and Catherine Baker, an educational specialist.  There are also a host of learning resources available to help both teachers and parents.


This adaptation means the girls are already familiar with their favourite stories and love that they then have independence in reading the books themselves.  

The girls love the Maverick Early Readers books [so] much that I often find them playing libraries with them.  They set up the library then check out a book, read it and then return it!

Mini library

We love the idea of mini Maverick libraries and are thrilled that the books are making an impression already!

Read the full review here.

Buy your own copies of the books by clicking the links below.

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