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‘The message I believe to be in this book is no matter what you look like, be yourself.’ Lou Treleaven’s, Turns Out I’m An Alien, turns into a must-read

Julia, a Year 6 pupil, from Ospringe Church of England Primary School in Faversham, has reviewed Lou Treleaven‘s, Turns Out I’m An Alien, illustrated by James Lancett:

What is the book about?
‘This book is about a normal (or so he thinks) alien. But that’s all new to him too. Less than 48 hours ago, Jasper thinks he is a normal boy who has green hair.’

Can you tell me about the main character?
‘The main character is a boy who lives on Earth but has green hair. He likes skateboarding around the house.’

What did you like about the book?
‘I liked the description because I could tell exactly what each character looked like. 
I liked that the story plot is different from other books because it’s original, fun and exciting.
I liked how the author placed them into completely different settings because it then allowed the author to use imagination on how they get from setting to setting.’

Who was your favourite character?
‘Flarp because… 
1: She is an alien.
2: She is a she.
3: She is very independent.
4: She is very kind and considerate.

Who should read this book?
‘I believe that ages 6-8 would like this book because the vocab is very mild and is suitable for this age group.’

What was your favourite part of the book?
‘My favourite part of the book is when Holly poisons Grek because it showed that Holly is very brave and independent.’

What message is the author trying to get across in the book?
‘The message I believe to be in this book is no matter what you look like, be yourself.’

A brilliant message indeed!
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