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The Letterpress Project commends the gentle message and delightful illustrations in Not Yet a Yeti!

Terry at The Letterpress Project has just written a fab review for Not Yet a Yeti by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Tony Neal:

Not Yet A Yeti is all about how a family can deal with difference and finding ways not to be judgemental when someone wants to take their own path. It’s also about having the courage to acknowledge what you really want to be as you grow up and the need to be true to yourself in finding the way of life that suits you best.

It also has a gentle message for parents about the way a family can support their child’s decision to be who they want to be. If you’re open minded and flexible there’s always a solution to be found.

As with almost all books published by Maverick Publishing, the quality of design and production is top notch. Lou Treleaven writes in an accessible way for younger readers and doesn’t overload the story with unnecessary text and Tony Neal’s illustrations are a delight. He uses big bold colours that fill the larger format pages and add nice extra detail to the story.

I can see how this book would be a favourite for younger readers at home – one that would be great for children and parents to share some time reading together – but it would also be a good one for teachers in early years settings.’

Thanks, Terry! Read the review here and buy a copy here