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‘The energetic story made me smile’ Hamster Sitter Wanted leaves Nayu’s Reading Corner wanting more!

New reviewer Nayu’s Reading Corner gave a lovely response to Hamster Sitter Wanted by Tracy Gunaratnam and illustrated by Hannah Marks:

‘The energetic story made me smile, and the clever illustrations gave it extra zing. I learned why Stinky gets their name, I adored the cute bows and flowers in the girl hamsters’ hair, how portraits on stairs seemed to look at the action, how knitting is enjoyed by the tearaways (yay craft promotion!), how they cause chaos when they play, plus having to spot animals in all the scenes who are probably wanting to hid from the hamster scrum. This is such a happy book, one much needed after a war read, and I want there to be more adventures from this boisterous family!! ‘

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Thank you!

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