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The Baby Website Reviews… The Fearsome Beastie

Well we were seeing stars in the Maverick office after discovering the reviews on the  Out of eight reviews, only one had less than full amount of stars.

Here’s a few of the comments…

“I think the book is definately value for money and im sure we will be seeing it grow ever so popular in the shops!” – James

“This is a brilliant book and we have read it at least once a day, usually more, since we received it. “  – Catherine

“Would keep any age child entertained” – Amanda

“I have to say when i 1st got this book, i was slightly aprehensive as it did seem quite a scarey book [for my son]…but i couldnt have been more wrong.
He really seemed to take in the concept of this book, which is Stranger Danger. He loved the little twist at the end { wont spoil for anyone thinking of buying} and thought what the Granny did was very cool.” – Debbie

“My 4 and a half year old loved this book so much that he made me read it three times in a row! … My favourite childrens Author at the minute is Julia Donaldson who wrote “The Gruffalo,” and “The Fearsome Beastie” is a very similar kind of book! “  – Alice

“it had to be read 3 times in a row in case she [Bethany] had missed anything.”  – Charlotte

“The story was a wonderful surprise, with a twist which then twists itself!” – Alison

“The Pictures are lovely, so nice in fact that my 19 month old wouldn’t let us turn the pages until she had pointed out everything.”
 – Dawne

All the reviews are definetly worth reading – so if you want to read the full reviews, click here.

Or if you convinced already, you can buy the book by clicking here.