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Submissions reopen for World Book Day!

Over the last few months our submissions have been closed while we have a catch up and dig ourselves out of the mountain of manuscripts that all you lovely writers have piled upon us… Well no more! We are ready to reopen submissions again and are pleased to announce that they will reopen….

12pm, THURSDAY 3RD MARCH otherwise known as WORLD BOOK DAY!

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Submissions will open dot on twelve, not before! We want to create another huge mountain of submissions to keep us busy for the next few months so let’s see how many submissions we can receive in just one day…

So, writers, here is your challenge if you choose to accept it – in honour of world book day, we want you to write, edit and polish you manuscripts ready for submission on Thursday 3rd March commencing 12pm. We’ll announce how many submissions we receive and then we’ll tuck ourselves away to read your lovely stories!

You have 2 weeks to prepare, PLEASE make sure you read our guidelines and watch our video to give you the best possible chance of getting noticed.

Any submissions received before 12pm Thursday 3rd March will not be read, so please don’t submit until we are open again.

Happy writing!