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Sparkle’s Song: New Book Reviews

To be published in February, Sparkle’s Song is already receiving some great reviews.   Here is two of them…

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18

“I don’t get many children’s book to review but when I do I jump all over them. This was one that not only appealed to me but also to my kiddos, as well it should. A tale of loss and coping with change, Sparkle finds joy in the world again after the loss of her parents. A wonderful story with pictures that drive the imagination to new heights. A winner for my kids. Therefore a winner for me.”  (full review) – Review by Sweetly Reviewed


“I haven’t read a picture book that’s made me cry in ages, until yesterday evening when I read Sparkle’s Song by American author, Samantha Hale. This truly is a beautiful book which deals with loss, love and the magic of music…
Sparkle’s Song is an enchanting tale and one that will make grown ups (like me) shed a tear. The author, Samantha Hale is a film maker who directed Map the Music – a film about the power music has over people. I delighted over the fantastic element of the musical instruments being “alive”. Just think about it for a second – a piano, guitar, tuba, banjo, whatever does come to life when played and can trigger the most overwhelming emotions and surface the most treasured memories. 
The beautiful illustrations by Mariana Ruiz Johnson makes the book a wonderful gift to give to any child and one that will be cherished for years. I can’t wait to see copies on bookshop shelves and window displays.” (Full review) – Reviewed by Nina Koo-Seen-Lin, who works for the publisher of Vogue Magazine.


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