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Some gentle life lessons, fabulous expressive illustrations and an aMOOsing story: Story Snug reviews The MOOsic Makers!

Catherine at Story Snug has just delighted us with her great review of new picture book by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos, The MOOsic Makers,  publishing this month:

The text is fun to read and full of wonderful cow puns – MOOtiny, liMOOsine, MOOOOOving… We love Barbara Bakos’ illustrations, her farm animals have fabulous facial expressions, especially Esme and Billy who feel sidelined as Celery and Nutmeg’s success grows. There are so many amusing little details in the pictures, we particularly enjoyed reading all the posters and love the way that Celery and Nutmeg’s pink dresses get used again!

The MOOsic Makers shows children to be wary of trusting strangers and also highlights the importance of staying true to your ideals and beliefs. It also advocates supporting family and friends when the going gets tough. Celery and Nutmeg’s heads were turned by the thought of the money they could earn although ultimately their hearts were always in the right place.

This is a fun story and we love the way that the animals raise money. It would be great to see more of The MOOsic Makers!’

Thanks, Catherine! Read the whole review here and preorder your copy for just £6.95 here