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Smashing reviews from Parents in Touch

Parents in Touch have reviewed our latest books and have given them rave reviews! First of all they had some wonderful things to say about us:

“Maverick Publishing publish some of the best children’s picture books and I always look forward to reviewing them; the story lines are always strong and the illustrations excellent.” 

Thank you very much indeed! One of our priorities at Maverick is to publish stories of the highest quality and find illustrators to match. We pride ourselves on finding the best new talent out there and giving first time authors and illustrators a first step in the wonderful and crazy world of children’s publishing.

All of our May books are written by our established Maverick authors who just get better and better!

A Gold Star for George by Alice Hemming, illustrated by Kimberley Scott (buy here)


George the Giraffe is back in the second book in the George the Giraffe & Friends series; this time the message is how helping others brings about the greatest reward […] A delightful story with some wonderfully drawn characters – and a quite adorable hero.”

A Box of Socks by Amanda Brandon, illustrated by Catalina Echeverri (buy here)


“A Box of Socks shows children how important it is to help our family and friends. It has a special focus on the very special relationship that exists between grandparents and grandchildren and conveys this with great warmth.” 

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers by Alex English, illustrated by Duncan Beedie (buy here)

Pirates Don't Drive Diggers COVER LR RGB JPEG


“If you are digger-mad, then the life of a pirate just isn’t for you! Great fun, with lively illustrations to engage the reader throughout. The wonderful rhyming text simply trips off the tongue and carries you forward through the story quite wonderfully.”

Horace and Hattiepillar by Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson (buy here)

Horace and Hattiepillar LR RGB JPEG


“All together now… aaaaaaah! Horace and Hattiepillar are just soooo cute; I love them! An enchanting story which will also introduce animal lifecycles. This lovely sequel to Hedgehugs has lovely illustrations by Lucy Tapper.”

Thank you for the fantastic reviews!

Read the full reviews here.