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‘Simple, but also simply fun’ The Bookbag’s wonderful review for Early Reader Cool Duck and Lots of Hats!

The Bookbag recently published a great review of pink band Early Reader Cool Duck and Lots of Hats by Elizabeth Dale and illustrated by Giusi Capizzi. Thanks, Sam!


‘Although incredibly simple, Dale’s stories are also a little daft so they are still fun. Capizzi is able to capture this sense of lightness in the drawings. This makes a book that could have felt like my first academic text, actually feel like my first special book just for me.

For parents who are worried about how they can help their child develop their reading, Maverick have included a section for both stories about the book’s aims, what the important words are and the type of questions you may want to ask. All children will develop at different rates and the fact that all the Early Learner books are part of a staggered progression means that you can buy the book that suits your child. I can certainly recommend Cool Cat and Lots of Hats as a very first emerging reader book; it is simple, but also simply fun.’

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