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Rooster hits just the right tone at The Bookbag!

The Bookbag has just posted a superlative review for quirky new picture book Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans by Jessie Miller and illustrated by Barbara Bakos:

Miller’s writing is perfect; a light tone, but still getting the message across. The story is told in rhyming couplets and scans brilliantly. There are plenty of funny sentences, as many for the adults to enjoy as the kids. The sense of knowing means that this book works for the parent whist the children can enjoy the animals and story. We all like to buy things online and reading about a fashion conscious cockerel is amusing.

Bakos also plays an important part as the illustrations are great. The colours are vibrant and you get the sense of a lovely farm somewhere out on the plains. There is also lots of things to spot all over the page. A particularly fun game we played was to count how many chicks were on each page.

The idea behind Rooster is so odd that it works, but only because Miller and Bakos both set the right tone. Any darkness would have made you feel too sorry for Rooster and you want to end the book punching the air and saying ‘good for him’. This is exactly what you get in a story that should not really work, but does magnificently.

Getting the right balance between light and shade in kid’s books is not always easy, but this book shows you can do it’

Thanks, Sam!

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Read the full review and place an order for the book here