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Robopop is seeing stars – 5 stars!

Robopop RGB LR JPEGRobopop has received it’s first review from children’s book fanatic and author Denyse King. Denyse has given Robopop a well deserved 5 star review!

“The illustrations are perfectly matched to the tone of the narrative; concise and colourful. I feel that Robopop is suitable for all readers, and I would highly recommend this book for children with additional learning differences such as dyslexia and visual stress.”

We have high hopes for Robopop which is the third book by Maverick author, Alice Hemming. Her first two books, The Black and White Club and Bibble and the Bubbles have been very successful combining touching stories and memorable characters with inspiring messages of acceptance and diversity. Robopop follows in this theme, telling the story of two children who learn to accept their dad for who he is and learn how to appreciate his quirks! With equally quirky and distinctive illustrations from James Lent, Robopop is a book not to be missed!

Buy your own copy of Robopop on Amazon or buy from your local bookshop when they hit stores at the end of January.