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Reviews from Parents in Touch

The Fearsome Beastie by Giles Paley-Phillips 

“A lovely read-aloud book with text that really flows…Granny turns the tables, making this into a story that can be read at bedtime without scaring the children!! Vibrant illustrations by Gabriele Antonini capture the story wonderfully – especially the expressions on all the faces. don’t worry – it’s not a bit scary and would make a lovely bedtime story.” (Read full review)

Mrs MacCready Was Ever So Greedy by Julie Fulton

“Adults will love reading this aloud and children will love listening to it! As you can guess from the title, it is written in rhyme. Children will love to go ‘YUK’ as they hear about all the things greedy Mrs MacCready eats – especially the cherries with worms wriggling out of them!…Stunning bright illustrations by Jona Jung make this really eye-catching and fun – make sure you take time to appreciate all the amusing details. Great fun.” (Read full review)

The Dog Detectives: Lost in London by Fin and Zoa

“…I love the way this book draws the reader in and makes him part of the book. The story is sprinkled with clues (in rhyme) for the reader to unfold, meaning children really stop and think rather than skimming through it. Great for encouraging reasoning in a fun way. The illustrations, by Monika Suska, are stunning – bright and packed with acutely observed detail…An ideal book to share with children before, during or after a trip to London – and don’t miss the facts at the end. I love it – really stands out from other picture books.” (Read full review)

Please Bear’s Birthday by Avril Lethbridge

“…. Children will readily identify with the story which gently gives an important message about good behaviour and the fun everyone can have together when everyone behaves well. It would be a great book to read to get everyone to sit down and calm down during the excitement of a party. The book has a slightly old-fashioned feel, which I loved. In a word full of hustle and bustle and bright colours it is good to slow down and read a traditional story with charming softly coloured illustrations….” (Read full review)