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Review for Kimara Nye’s Four Little Pigs on the BookBag

five stars

Four Little Pigs“…I read this story with my five year old daughter and she really loved it. Because she already knows the original story, she could appreciate the twists and she was also able to predict what she thought might happen. It’s a very entertaining story that’s told with great humour. I think most children will love the way the wolf gets his comeuppance in many ways.

The story is written in a very accessible way and sounds like a traditional tale. There is quite a lot of text for a picture book but this is interspersed with some colourful and comical illustrations that all help with the telling of the story. Sometimes the author draws attention to specific words or phrases by using bold font or making these words seemingly twist and turn across the page. My daughter loves noticing these features as we read together.

The Four Little Pigs is the sort of story that will appeal to most children…” (more…)

4.5 / 5 – Reviewed by Jo Heffer