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“Reminiscent of Quentin Blake” First review for Strictly No Crocs!

Strictly No Crocs by shiny new author, Heather Pindar, and illustrated by the enormously talented Susan Batori has received its first knock out review!

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Emma, who writes for the brilliant review site, My Book Corner, has given the crocs high praise indeed, likening Batori’s humorous illustrations to the iconic Quentin Blake.

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“Strictly No Crocs from Heather Pindar and Susan Batori is a lively picture book with a cheeky sense of humour […] Pindar’s narrative is witty and fun. It is wonderfully matched by Batori’s detailed illustrations, reminiscent of Quentin Blake due to her ability to capture cheeky characters. There’s plenty of fun details to observe on each page making Strictly No Crocs a picture book worth returning to again and again.”

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Thank you for the brilliant review Emma, we look forward to receiving many more!

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Read the full review here.