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‘Really good’ ‘Wonderful’ ‘Brilliant’ ‘Excellent’ Story Island reviewers rave about AdoraBULL!

The Year 1 (aged 5-6) and Year 2 pupils (aged 6-7) from OSPRINGE CHURCH OF ENGLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL in Faversham enjoyed sharing and reviewing Adorabull written by Alison Donald and illustrated by Alex Willmore on Story Island Reviews:

Would you recommend this book?

All the pupils agreed they would recommend this book!


‘Because it’s funny when the bull gets a new hairdo.’

‘Yes, because it is very surprising because you think he wants a pet for him but he wants a pet for his bull.’  

‘I would because then more people can learn about loving and caring for each other.’

‘Because it is a good story and it is an exciting story.’

‘I will recommend the book because I like kittens.’

‘Because I like the book’

‘Because it’s about friendship.’

Have a look at the whole review here and buy a copy here