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Read it Daddy reads them all!

Our three September books have been reviewed by Read it Daddy and have all passed with flying colours! Phil at Read it Daddy reads the books with his daughter Charlotte and they share their favourite bits.

As Quiet As A Mouse COVER LR RGB JPEGAs Quiet as a Mouse by Karen Owen and Evgenia Golubeva

“As Quiet as a Mouse shows that once again Maverick has an eye for publishing some really brilliant books for little ones, from a huge pool of extremely talented new picture book folk. Karen and Evgenia have put together a perfect bedtime read!”

Read the full review here.

Buy As Quiet as a Mouse here.


Not Without my Whale by Billy Coughlan and Villie Karabatzia

Do you ever remember wanting desperately to sneak your pet into your bag or pocket to take to school with you? A hamster? A gerbil? Maybe even a mouse but what if your pet was a great big stonkingly gigantic beaming blue whale? That’s the dilemma in this rather ticklishly fun tale from Billy Coughlan and Villie Karabatzia. Fun and original! Don’t leave home without it (or your whale!)

Read the full review here.

Bu Not Without my Whale here.


Aerodynamics of Biscuits by Clare Helen Welsh and Sophia Toulitou

“The Aerodynamics of Biscuits by Clare Helen Welsh and Sophia Touliatou might win this year’s award for “Most Original Children’s Book Title” – I mean who could fail to be intrigued by a book with a name like that!

This book is utterly brilliant and inventive, with a wonderfully paced tale underpinned with mouthwatering biccie-flavoured illustrations. Be warned though, reading this story is likely to make your tummy rumble a lot and may prompt pre-bedtime raids to the biscuit jar!”

Read the full review here.

Buy Aerodynamics of Biscuits here.