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Publication week is upon us!


Hedgehugs return to the shelves in book three, Hopping Hot. Horace and Hattie want to play their favourite hopping game but it is too hot! They try different ways to hot with no luck, until they stumble upon the perfect solution.

Pre-order Hedgehugs here.

Professor MCQuark LR RGB JPEG

Professor McQuark has a marvellous brain as big as her head and half bigger again! Professor McQuark is a brilliant inventor who creates weird and fantastic things that any child would want. One day she invents the Oojamaflip but she has trouble getting it to the town’s science fair. Also, just what does an Oojamaflip do anyway? Written by new Maverick author Lou Treleaven and illustrated by Julia Patton.

Pre-order Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip here.

Strticly no Crocs Cover RGB LR JEPG

Zebra is having a Birthday party and everybody is invited, well, except, of course, the crocs… Cruncher, Snapper and Chomper aren’t going to let that happen, they plan to sneak in to the party and eat everyone up! But when they get there and join in the party, will they remember why they came in the first place? Written by new Maverick author Heather Pindar and illustrated by Susan Batori.

Pre-order Strictly No Crocs here.