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‘Possibly the most exciting cliffhanger I have ever read’ Dino Wars is a big hit at Alderton Junior School!

Students at Alderton Junior School in Loughton, Essex, have sent us some fantastic reviews of Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors by Dan Metcalf with illustrations by Aaron Blecha:

I would recommend it because the end of the story is possibly the most exciting cliffhanger I have ever read’

‘My favourite part was when they went on a mission to fight the Dino War. I recommend this book to everyone. Adam was my favourite character because he’s very kind.’

‘I liked it when they went through a door and found a lab that was used in the Dino Wars. I recommend this book to everyone because it is very exciting like when the lab blows up and caves in on them.’

‘I like all of it. I would recommend it if someone wants to learn about dinosaurs. It’s a good story about dinosaurs and adventures.’

We love the pictures too!  Thank you so much!

You can buy your own copy here

And look out for the exciting second book Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror which is published in September!