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‘Plenty to look out for on each reading’ The Sceptical Mum laughs through Hamster Sitter Wanted!

The Sceptical Mum and her young readers recently enjoyed the playful humour and cheeky illustrations in Hamster Sitter Wanted by Tracy Gunaratnam and illustrated by Hannah Marks:

The illustrations are great; bright, cheeky, cute and Marks has an impressive ability to convey a whole emotion in the just the curve of a pen. Plus, the details in the scenes with all the cheeky hamsters give you plenty to look out for on each reading.

The language is fun and playful enough to make my eldest laugh, while simple enough for my youngest to copy and try out. 

Ultimately though, the winner for us was the appeal to the children’s (and my…) totally immature sense of humour. Who couldn’t love a book which ends with a good old bum joke courtesy of Ms Bottomus the hippopotamus?’

Hamster Sitter Wanted Spread 1 LR RGB

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