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Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers in the States either!

The San Diego Book Review has given our favourite reluctant pirate a fantastic review. It seems that pirates on diggers are just as popular across the pond as they are here! Here’s they’re rollicking good review of Pirate Don’t Drive Diggers by Alex English.

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“Children love stories told in rhyme, and the clever prose of Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers is sure to draw young listeners in quickly. Life is challenging for this young boy who just doesn’t want to sail away to sea! Children will laugh over Brad’s clumsy escapades aboard the pirate ship, and will cheer when, in the end, he finds a way to reconcile his own dreams with the path life has set before him. The story is clever, the illustrations are cute and tons of fun, and the overall book is sure to be a success with young readers of all kinds!” 

Read the full review here.

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