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Parents in Touch review our Early Readers!

Parents in Touch have reviewed our Early Readers on their special Learning to Read page and they’ve had plenty of good things to say about them! Here are some of the highlights:

Early Readers Collage Image

“These Early Readers have been adapted from their existing picture books, carefully edited by each author in conjunction with Catherine Baker, an educational specialist. This ensures the books fit into the industry standard book bands; the books reviewed here are banded Green, Orange and Turquoise – the spines are coloured accordingly and there is a coloured star on the cover; this all helps to make teachers’ lives easier.”

“The high quality storytelling coupled with the excellent illustrations in these books makes them really appealing – a great incentive to encourage children to persevere with their reading.”

“The series is made even more outstanding by the excellent learning resources thay have been created to accompany each book. The pack for this book includes a suggested lesson plan for readingYuck! said the Yak; a detailed list of the language and linguistic features included in the text; an activity sheet for children to enjoy after readingthe book and a colouring in sheet.The packs are free to download from the Maverick Books website.

Each book has a short quiz at the end – as well as checking children’s understanding, these are great to use as prompts for further discussion. This is a fabulous start to the new venture – I am really looking forward to seeing what is to follow.

We’re very please that the Early Readers are being received well and we’re also happy to announce that all five books are released today! Buy your own copies by clicking the links below. Read the full review at Parents in Touch here.

A Scarf and a Half

The Black and White Club

Hocus Pocus Diplodocus

Preposterous Rhinoceros

Yuck! said the Yak