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“One of the simplest, but most fun ideas, I have read in a long time.” The Bookbag gives 5 stars to Not Without my Whale

Not Without my Whale  by Billy Coughlan was a big hit over at The Bookbag, with reviewer Sam Tyler giving it 5 stars!


“Coughlan’s writing is wickedly funny, playing it straight down the middle as if a whale could go into school. He is helped greatly by the drawing of Karabatzia. There is a slight naivety to the drawing that chimes well with the earnest nature of the story. Watching Dora try to facilitate a whale in everyday activities is good fun. The writer and illustrator have used the pages well together, with clean text that sometimes wraps around the characters making it an active read.


Not Without My Whale is one of the simplest, but most fun ideas, I have read in a long time. By playing everything on the level, Coughlan just adds more to the silliness involved. Children will love the bright colours and daft story, but will also gain from the well written text and narrative that runs throughout. This book is a house favourite already.”

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