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Mr B’s B-rilliant review of New Junior Fiction, The Stolen Spear

Mr B Guided Reading has reviewed Saviour Pirotta‘s Brand New Junior Fiction, The Stolen Spear with illustrations by Davide Ortu:

Saviour Pirotta and Maverick Publishing have produced this exceptional story, set in the Late Neolithic period where man has learnt how to grow crops, keep farm animals and live as communities.
Although this book is a work of fiction, Pirotta does an outstanding job of drawing realistic links to the Neolithic era and what it was like.
It’s a story intertwined with Neolithic themes of spirit, hope and bravery, all of which Early Man had to exhibit to survive.

Grab this book when you get the chance. It’s a Stone-Age adventure of thrills, spills and excitement.

Thank you!
Read the full review here and buy a copy here!