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A launch and a half!

Last night the Maverick team invited authors, illustrators, friends and book lovers to come and celebrate the launch of all of our titles this year. We’ve had a lot to celebrate – the fourth title in the Ever So series, the second George the Giraffe book and 4 brand new Maverick authors, 2015 has been an amazing year for Maverick. We celebrated at the lovely Square Pig and Pen in Holborn London and both books and prosecco were there in abundance!


bar empty retouched

And after!

Bar full retouched

Steve and Kim presented the 2015 books to their authors in turn. Up first was Tracy who had her first book Preposterous Rhinoceros published in January.


Alice Hemming had two books presented to her – Robopop was published in January and A Gold Star for George (second book in the George the Giraffe and Friends Series) was published in May.


Amanda and her second book in the Granny Mutton series – A Box of Socks. Both Amanda and Alice are working on the third story in their respective series.



Steve and Lucy were inundated with Hedgehugs products! They were celebrating the publication of the second book in the Hedgehugs series - Horace and Hattiepillar – and the publication of their books into board books! It was actually the first time that they’d seen their hard work in board book form, so it was a very special moment indeed!

Steve and Lucy

Alex was thrilled to finally meet Duncan Beedie, the illustrator for her second book Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers!

Alex and Duncan

Billy is one of our brand new Maverick authors and she was celebrating the publication of the first picture book - Not Without my Whale. Her book was only published on Monday so the excitement is very fresh!



Karen is also a new Maverick author. As Quiet as a Mouse is her second picture book and Karen was lucky that she could celebrate the publication with her illustrator as well. Evgenia is the talent behind the beautiful and adorable illustrations for As Quiet as a Mouse. 


Clare was thrilled to be presented with her first picture book Aerodynamics of Biscuits. Clare is also a newbie Maverick author and is very proactive and enthusiastic in the promotion of her book.


After the presentation the rest of the evening had a lovely jovial atmosphere. There was a huge dive for the table as everyone decided to restock their own bookcases and then there was a mass swapping of books as authors were asked for autographs and dedications. Those books will be worth a fortune one day!

We were very pleased to welcome some special guests who came to celebrate with our authors. Including Julia Eccleshare, Children’s Book Editor for the Guardian.


We were also pleased to see the team from Plum Pudding Illustration Agency and Stephanie Roundhouse from Kids Write Read Review.


Overall it was a fantastic evening and it was lovely to see so many of our authors and illustrators in the same place!


Until next year!