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Maverick Junior Fiction: “Perfectly suited!”

We are so excited to break into the fiction world of children’s publishing this October with our first three junior fiction titles. Cheryl, who writes at Madhouse Family Reviews, has kindly review the titles, sharing them with her son who is fast becoming a confident reader himself!

It’s lovely to see that Maverick books are “growing up” at the same rate as Pierre, leading to a much more interactive bedtime story time

Rickety Rocket by Alice Hemming and illustrated by Emma Randall 

Rickety Rocket COVER LR RGB

“Stacey and her friends repeatedly show that it’s important for friends to stick together and help each other out – and finding a way to get one up on the annoyingly arrogant twerps in your life (like Astro Pete or Jack Boom and Jill Zoom) is just the icing on the cake ! Pierre loved the stories (particularly the part where Stacey’s jetpack gets her all wrapped up in a washing line full of spotty pants !) and was very proud of managing to read them out loud to me.”

Grandma Bendy and the Great Snake Escape by Izy Penguin

GB Great Snake Escape COVER LR RGB JPEG


“Pierre giggled as he read all about the madcap antics of Lucy and the other residents of Pumperton, plunged into terrified chaos as they try to escape the scary snake. I laughed myself when he triumphantly announced “Look Mum, more pants !” at one point in the story (thick organic woolly ones from the health food shop, no less !). We also enjoyed the mini story by Spag Bol the dog at the end of the book, seeing how he got up to his own adventures unnoticed!”

Letter to Pluto by Lou Treleaven 

Letter to Pluto COVER LR RGB

“It’s a totally enchanting book, with brilliant messages for children about how exciting it is to write real letters (not just emails or Facebook updates), how you can still be friends with someone who (at first glance) has nothing in common with you and the importance of respecting the natural balance of the environment. As a teacher myself, I also couldn’t help smiling when I read the letters from Mrs Hall to Jon at the end of the book – it’s a tough life being a teacher sometimes!!”

Thank you for the lovely reviews Cheryl, we’re pleased that you and Pierre enjoyed our new titles so much!

Read the full reviews here.

Pre-order the books by clicking the links below.

Rickety Rocket

Grandma Bendy and the Great Snake Escape 

Letter to Pluto