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Maverick books achieve gold in Bizzie Baby reviews!

Two Maverick books have received gold medals from Bizzie Baby reviewers! Congratulations go to Alice Hemming, a long time Maverick author for her book Robopop and Kimara Nye, our multi-talented editor for her story The Four Little Pigs.

Congratulations also go to their talented illustrators, James Lent and Marcin Bruchnalski.

Here’s what some of the reviewers had to say:

The Four Little Pigs

Four Little Pigs LR RGB JPEG

“We enjoyed reading the book together and was well written and a twist on a classic story which my daughter loved. The book was engaging, interactive and a good story.”

-Richard Smith and his daughter Lillian

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“Callum was intrigued by the pig’s nose on the little boy on the cover and wanted to read the book to find out how he got it and became this mysterious fourth little pig. We liked the pictures, Callum thought they were bright and fun and we liked the way the text and illustrations were laid out in imaginative ways. The Four Little Pigs is a current favourite and a popular bedtime story choice.” 

– Zoe Lawrence and her son Callum

Four Little Pigs SPREAD2 RGB LR JPEG

“A great twist on a classic. The quality of this book is good and is child friendly. My eldest son loved the book, and loves the pictures. Every page is new and exciting.”

– Elizabeth Stanley and her sons Louis and Cody

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“The illustrations were very appealing to my son and me; they were bold and big and contributed well to the storyline. This book has been a firm favourite since we have had it. The storyline is interesting and has the good basis of saying that everybody is different and not everyone is the same. This is good to help explain life and people in general.”

– Rebecca Taylor and her son Henry


“My son found the book very interesting and loved reading it; we have read it several times before bed. The quality of this book is great. My son loved the illustrations in this book. This book inspired my son and he now wants to make his own robot.”

-Beccy Hindle and her son Leo


“Good length of story for aimed age. Inviting pics on front and lovely smooth feel to it. When my son first saw this he thought Oohh… a robot daddy! Pictures kept him concentrating and told the story in pics too. My son loved this book and it’s been on holiday to Portugal for bedtime story every night too.”

-Leanne Gourlay and her son Charlie

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